Is a consultation required for Web Design Services and Branding Services?

Yes! An one hour consultation is required for all web design services and branding services (graphics included). This consultation can be held via Phone, Video Conferencing, and In-Person. If you are purchasing a single design; such as an E-Flyer or Print Flyer, a consultation is not required.

How long does a project take?

You do not want to rush branding. Essentially, the project deadline is set by the Client. On average, a web design project takes 6-8 weeks. Branding projects take 4-6 weeks. Customers can request an quicker turn around with a rush fee added to the project cost. Please note: Once a deadline is set, projects cannot exceed the deadline unless agreed upon within a reasonable time from the start of the project. Projects that extend past their deadline are subject to additional fees.

Can I purchase just a "Logo"?

We do not just design logos, we build brands! It is in our clients' best interests to purchase a Branding Package. By bundling our graphic designs, you can assure your branding image is cohesive and attractive.

How do I start a project?

Step 1: Complete our "Build Your Brand" Assessment. Step 2: Book a Consultation. Step 3: You will receive your customized quote for your project. You will review, sign the contract, make a payment, and we will begin your project. Please note: If you are developing your brand or designing a website, a Brand Strategy Session is required.

Is Website Maintenance required when booking a web design project?

Yes, maintenance is required! It is in your best interest to receive at minimum 90 days of web maintenance. During this period, we will receive assistance on site updates, inventory management, learn basic maintenance tips, adjust how you manage your website based on customer feedback, and more. Ask about our maintenance plans available.

Can I book a Web Design project without having my content ready?

We want your experience with us to be seamless and user friendly! When designing a website and/or building your brand, effort has to be made by both parties. To ensure you are well prepared for your project, we have created a Project Checklist to help guide you. To download the checklist and begin working, click here.